31 Days of Self love

I found this site that had daily challenges to help you go through a whole month of loving just you.


the sweetest thing

you would think I would say it was love because it’s February but in fact you are wrong.
the sweetest thing is

a new adventure

laugh crying




yes I said sleep.  the sweetest thing is enjoying your life to the fullest & always doing the things you enjoy the most.



There can only be one

People use “one of kind” to portray how unique an item is… (duh). It’s an over used phrase to describe things that usually aren’t that unique if we are being honest.  So what do you do when you meet someone so original and so “one of the kind” but you want to stay away from clique phrases? What do you do when you meet Chelsea. I obviously can’t say “a person like Chelsea” because there literally isn’t another.

I had the privilege of meeting Chelsea in class and instantly I had a major girl crush. One week in and I was following her on every form of social media and I went home every day talking about her. I even convinced her to join our school quoir(ask chay, she knows) so we could hang out more. About a month in, and somewhere between the vodka & tequila she says, “Girl, I’ve only known you for 3 weeks and you’re going to be in my wedding!!!” (disclaimer: I am 100% holding you to this #apostles)

From then we were an unstoppable duo. I learned so much about life from Chelsea.  The moon for example… I have an above average knowledge about the moon thanks to Chelsea. But more importantly, I learned how to be more carefree, spunky and kind just by watching how Chelsea interacted with everyone she would meet.  Equally as important, I learned from the queen herself, how to take perfect selfies, and that Kholè Kardashian is 100% not Rob Kardashians daughter no matter what & we KNEW well before it was announced that lil ol Kylie J was stuffing her lips. When I look back at my most influential years in college, the year Chelsea showed up was the best. Gir came in clutch. What an amazing privilege I have to be a friend of hers.

So, today is her my main girls birthday….and I can not be more thrilled for you. 24 has been an amazing year for you! You have accomplished so much and been given many blessings. Now you are entering 25, wow its a super big year and your already set up for more blessings to come to you! Because of who you are, you will continue to kick ass in life. Keep your head up and don’t let any old women push you off your path. (yes is a metaphor of life).

You truly are as rare as One Tree Hill. There can only be one.

love you.

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30 days & counting

1st month into the new year and I’m killing it.

oh, 1st month into MY year…I base my years off my actual birthday because clearly someone forgot to tell 10 year old me that the world doesn’t revolve around her.

Year 24/2016 was rough for me. Just a few low lights, I constantly felt trapped throughout that year. I wasn’t a fan of my job or my lifestyle.  I made some lazy decisions and I didn’t listen to my body. I felt clouded and tried to escape by focusing only on other people. At the time the relationship I was in made me feel needed but to a draining degree. I felt like I any thoughts about myself were selfish when I had the opportunity to help my S.O but what I realized is 1. you should be in a relationship where you feel that your S.Os happiness isn’t only stemmed from you and 2. that I needed to work on me much more than I thought before I could share myself with anyone else. In that year I also was immobile due to an accident for quite some time which launched me into a series of low points of the year.

So before in my end of the year reflections I decided to let go of everything in 24 that had been a burden. Job problems-resigned, Relationship issues-broke it off, Lifestyle/over healthy living- went back to working out & being more aware of my eating habits. And now a month later, I am feeling so light and free (and not just because I’ve lost a few pounds either) mentally I am more driven and focused.

I don’t think this is a temporary high either, I feel like I have really placed some great building blocks for a more improved version of myself.  30 days in and I’m very pleased with my progress!!

OMG my BFF Jill!

I heard a quote some where–okay who am I kidding I read this on pinterest and I liked it and then it was on Master Of None in season 2 ( netflix-watch it, its great) I did try to find the original author but there is none…..any way

Some people come into your life for a reason, some a season, and some a lifetime. However long it was be thankful for the gifts your received from them.

I am blessed with the personality characterized as extroverted (extreme extroverted in some cases). Simplified this means I recharge/energize better in the presence of others versus alone. . This trait has allowed me to get to know a various amounts of different people, I find it easy to talk to people and I absolutely love to connect with people from different backgrounds. I tremendously enjoy getting to know peoples life stories, where they are from, what has shaped them and who has shaped them. I also enjoy telling people about my story as well.

I have had people in my life for a reason, a season and some I hope a lifetime. I have connected on many levels with these people and it has been wonderful. I loved this quote because  it really help me focus on the close friends I had once upon a time and it helped me see that what we went through and growing apart is OK. It’s not a fault on anyone’s side its not something to be mad at if you grow apart, it’s just life and they were in my life for a time and it was good and it’s still good without…it’s good to see them on their own making their own accomplishments and I couldn’t be more proud!

It’s national best friends day today so cheers to all the friends and people in my life for whatever reason you were there, and whatever season you stopped by for and for the ones where you will never be able to get rid of me. Thank you for all you have done for me and I hope I was to impact you like you impacted me.


P.S If you want the inspirational poem part of it go here http://www.robinsweb.com/inspiration/reason_season.html


Only A Quarter Full

May 14


Recently I celebrated my 25th birthday and boy oh boy it was magical. For those who don’t know me, I don’t make New Years resolutions on January 1st, I really like to set my goals on my true new year, aka my birthday. I spend the weeks leading up to my birthday reflecting on the year before and seeing how I want this next year to go. I look at my past failures and accomplishments and really reflect on why I failed, what I can do differently and personally congratulating myself on my accomplishments.  I personally love this process of reflection, I use this time to also find my year “theme.” The theme for this next year is Only A Quarter Full. I was trying to play off of being a quarter of a century but this also represents so much more. I am literally only a quarter through life, I have so much more room to grow! It’s a reminder to let more positive in and leave the negative out. It’s a reminder of the greater things out there for my journey. It’s a reminder that I have the privilege to grow more in every relationship I have.

For those who have been there for me this past “quarter”

Thank you.